Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Amancio Corrales Murder Case Status Overview Meeting Postponed

The Amancio Project announced that a meeting with the prosecutor’s office to go over the details of the pending trial in the Corrales murder case has been postponed until April 21, 2008.

Almost three years ago, on May 6, 2005, The Yuma County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation into the murder of Amancio Corrales, a female impersonator who was found brutally murdered and left floating in the Colorado River after spending the evening prior out at local bars.

It has been ten months since the arrest of a suspect in this case, and while the family and The Project find it frustrating, they support the Prosecutor’s office as the legal machinery slowly inches it way through the court process.

The Final Trial Management Conference (FTMC) is still scheduled for July 16, 2008 and the Trial is scheduled to begin August 6. Anyone with any information concerning this case urged to contact the Yuma County Sheriff's Office at (928) 783-4427.

In response to this brutal incident, Michael Baughman brought together local organizers in the GLBT Community along with members of the immediate family and close friends of Amancio to develop a strategy to offer aid and comfort to the family and to address the issues and concerns which have arisen around this violent crime.

On Friday, May 27, 2005, organizers with local ties to the Yuma area representing the Yuma County Gay Rights Meetup, Yuma High School Gay Straight Alliance, Arizona Leadership Institute, Arizona Human Rights Fund, Southern Arizona Gender Association and the United Church of Christ facilitated a strategic planning session, resulting in the creation of the Amancio Project.

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