Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arizona Legislative Update

The students' religious liberties act - HB 2713 - passed out of the House Committee of the Whole Monday after a proposed floor amendment to add a provision to protect students against harassment and discrimination was defeated. HB 2713 purports to protect the religious freedom of Arizona's K-12 students. Yet, we've learned that proponents of the bill opposed an amendment offered by Representative David Schapira (D-17) because they believe "guts the bill." The Schapira amendment to HB 2713 would have added language to ensure schools would still have the right to enforce their anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination policies.

HB 2713 is scheduled to be voted on Thursday, March 20. Take action now by going online here. ...

SB 1499, the bill to prevent state employees from receiving benefits for their domestic partners and their children, has reemerged. The bill was defeated on the floor of the Senate yesterday, but a motion to reconsider the bill was adopted Wednesday, March 19.

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