Saturday, March 22, 2008

Action Alert - SB 1499

Oppose SB1499 - Protect Children & Families

While Arizona state employees await a final decision on a proposed rule change that would allow them to include their domestic partner and their children in their employee benefits, some members of the Arizona Legislature are working to take those benefits away.

Introduced by Senators Pamela Gorman (R-6) and Jack Harper (R-4) and Representative Steven Yarbrough (R-21), along with a host of co-sponsors, SB 1499 would create a state law that would prevent state agencies from extending partner benefits to their employees.

Send a message today to your Senator, urging them to protect Arizona's children and families, and oppose SB 1499. SB 1499 will be revoted on during an upcoming Arizona Senate Third Reading Calendar and action needs to be taken. Let your Senator know they should oppose this bill. Go online to Equality Arizona's SB 1499 Page and send the message.

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